Version 4.0 of MMG3D is distributed as free/libre software, under the terms of the GNU GENERAL PUBLIC LICENSE.

The term of this license is detailled here: LICENCE.txt

Download MMG3D 4.0 sources:

Download: mmg3d4.0.0-Source.tar.gz

Download MMG3D 4.0 executable:

MacOSX: mmg3d4-MacOSX

Linux: mmg3d4.0-Linux

Download MMG3D 4.0 precompiled library:

MacOSX: libmmg3dlib4.OSX.dylib


MMG3D 4.0 can also be distributed under other types of licenses and conditions to parties willing to embed it into closed, proprietary software.

Please contact us if you are considering this option :
cecile.dobrzynski (at)
frey (at)