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F-33405 Talence Cedex, France
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Gilles Zémor
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  • List of publications

    Latest preprints

  • Upper Bounds on the Size of Grain-Correcting Codes
    N. Kashyap and G. Zémor
  • A Construction of Quantum LDPC Codes from Cayley Graphs
    A. Couvreur, N. Delfosse and G. Zémor
  • Upper bounds on the rate of low density stabilizer codes for the quantum erasure channel
    N. Delfosse and G. Zémor
  • A Structure Theorem for Small Sumsets in Nonabelian Groups
    O. Serra and G. Zémor
  • Constructions of Rank Modulation Codes
    A. Mazumdar, A. Barg and G. Zémor
  • Bounds for binary codes relative to pseudo-distances of k points
    C. Bachoc and G. Zémor
  • Quantum LDPC codes with positive rate and minimum distance proportional to n½
    J-P. Tillich and G. Zémor
  • On Cayley graphs, surface codes, and the limits of homological coding for quantum error correction
    G. Zémor
  • Codes on hypergraphs
    A. Barg, A. Mazumdar and G. Zémor
  • Large sets with small doubling modulo p are well covered by an arithmetic progression
    O. Serra and G. Zémor
  • Multidimensional reconciliation for continuous-variable quantum key distribution
    A. Leverrier, R. Alléaume, J. Boutros, G. Zémor and P. Grangier
  • Low-density parity-check codes for nonergodic block-fading channels
    J. Boutros, A. Guillen i Fabregas, E. Biglieri and G. Zémor
  • Asymptotic improvement of the Gilbert-Varshamov bound for linear codes
    P. Gaborit and G. Zémor
  • Optimal Iris Fuzzy Sketches
    J. Bringer, H. Chabanne, G. Cohen, B. Kindarji and G. Zémor
  • On some subgroup chains related to Kneser's Theorem
    Y. Hamidoune, O. Serra, and G. Zémor
  • On the construction of dense lattices with a given automorphism group
    P. Gaborit and G. Zémor
  • On the critical pair theory in Abelian groups: beyond Chowla's Theorem
    Y. Hamidoune, O. Serra, and G. Zémor
  • Le groupe de travail "Codes quantiques"


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